Environmental Laboratory of Chemical Synthesis



Laboratory is equipped with modern apparatus enabling production and purification of compounds in semi-technical scale. All rooms are monitored for temperature, pressure and humidity changes by monitoring system. We posses also our own water purification systems for water type I and II.

Peptide synthesizer

Enables semi-technical scale synthesis for compounds of 1-200 mmol. It can work for Fmoc, t-Boc and organic, peptoids procedures; activation methods HBTU, HATU, HCTU, TBTU, PyBOP, DIC/HoBT. It has function of mixing by shaking and recirculation and mixing with nitrogen. System can be automatically cleaned and can show waste level. In case of interruption of work, it can be restarted with previously set parameters. Apparatus has IQ,OQ, PQ qualification.

Reactors  of volume 10 dm3

Made of borosilicate 3.3 glass with heating/cooling coating and thermostate as well as bottom outlet. They can work in temp. -60¸+200oC nad pressure up to 1bar. Elements contacting the mixture, other than glass, are mode of PTFE. Apparaturs equipped with dropping funnel, radiator, phase separator and two receivers, temperature, pressure and pH control. One of the apparatus has nutch filter. Possibility to control the system from computer of manually. Apparatus has IQ,OQ qualification.

Centrifuges with coolling system

Equipped with changeable rotors for volumes of 24x1,5ml to 4x800ml. Maximum RCF are: 20240xg (14650 rpm), 20800xg (14000 rpm), 25000xg (15000 rpm). Apparatus has IQ,OQ qualification.

Preparative HPLC

Apparatus with two-cylinder pumps of flows 0,01-150ml/min, detector UV/VIS of wavelengths 190-700nm, automatic sampler  (plate for max. 25 samples of 13ml) and fraction collector. Apparatus controlled from computer. It has IQ, OQ qualification.


Apparatus equiped with 3 two-cylinder pumps and one 4-cylider pump, gradient mixer for semi-micro 0,1ml, degaser, single quadrupol and electro-spray ionization, autosampler. It has IQ, OQ qualification.

System for size exclusive chromatography with fraction collector

It has pump with changeable head for flow 10-100ml/min. UV/VIS detector is two-channeled with changeable wavelength 190-700nm. Apparatus has IQ,OQ, PQ qualification.


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