Environmental Laboratory of Chemical Synthesis



New active substances resulted from R&D projects of scientific and research entities, before their commercialization, need preclinical and clinical research. For these purposes there must be required quantity of API substances produced. Such quantities cannot be obtained by classical scientific laboratories. Currently potential buyers of R&D inventions demand production of compounds according to GLP or GMP standards that guarantee quality and credibility of research.

Laboratory meets the needs of those clients through giving access to modern laboratory space  adjusted to higher quality standards.

We offer:

• Conducting R&D and production projects such as synthesis and purification of products according to higher quality standards, adjustment of documentation and processes requirements to GLP/GMP standards, scale-up
• Scale-up.
• Advisory services of adjustments of process and technological documentation.
• Advisory services of know-how transfer in scope of laboratory activity and technological processes.
• Training services in scope of laboratory activity, technology processes and equipment use.



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