This Saturday, 23.06.2018, PhD students from MMRC will represent the Institute during the 4th edition of the Science Picnic of the Polish Academy of Sciences under the title "Science is also Art!".

The MMRC stand will take the form of workshops during which Picnic participants will be able to broaden their knowledge about the nervous system. Participants will be able to independently perform the model of the neuron and the brain. In addition, we will present the model of the synapse and the model of the extensor and flexor. the youngest will be able to recreate the blood circulation in the human body using an interactive board. Each participant will receive a book with a set of puzzles to consolidate the acquired knowledge.


The title of our position: Neuro-workshop

Date: 23/06/2018
Hours: 12 - 16
Place: Old Town of Olsztyn

You're more than welcome to come!

Doctoral Students' Council of MMRC