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In the June edition of the National Science Center OPUS 21 and PRELUDIUM 20 calls, employees of MMRI PAS were awarded with 10 research grants - this is the best result achieved in a single grant recruitment in the history of our Institute.
Our success rate is also impressive - while the average overall success rate in both calls was approx. 20% - our Institute's rate is as high as 35%!

We are happy to present the winners from our Institute:

OPUS 21:

Prof. dr hab. Lidia Strużyńska

Dr hab. inż. Agnieszka Piwkowska

Dr hab. Dorota Rogacka

Dr hab. Monika Szeliga

Dr Michał Fiedorowicz

Dr Jakub Godlewski


Mgr inż. Lidia Babiec

Mgr Klaudia Kiel

Mgr Adrian Szczepaniak

Mgr Iga Wieczorek

Cogratulations to laureates!