1. Providing advice:

a) in cases:
- related to ensuring animal welfare,
- of finding a new pet keeper for animals, including their proper socialization,
- of wild animals rehabilitation prior their return to their natural habitat/environment,
- related to organized trainings,

(b) regarding the application of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement principles (3Rs), as well as reporting of technical and scientific developments related to application of these principles;

2. Developing and reviewing internal rules for dealing with animals kept in the center.

3. Monitoring the cases of killing of animals for the purpose of obtaining organs or tissues and facilitating the sharing of organs or tissues between breeders, suppliers and users.

4. Monitoring the welfare of animals kept in the establishment or used for scientific or educational purposes.

5. Notifying the breeder, supplier or user of animal welfare violations and identifying actions to be taken to restore that welfare.

6. Control of the experiments and their results, taking into account the impact of these experiments on animals used, and the assessment of compliance of experiments with the resolution granting consent to conduct the experiment and with the principles of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement (3Rs).

7. Reviewing or approving proposals/applications for consent to conduct an experiment prior submitting it to the local ethical committee.


Regulations of the Animal Welfare Body at Mossakowski Medical Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences

According to the act of 17th November 2021 amending the act on the protection of animals used for scientific or educational purposes.