This year, the Polish Academy of Sciences is celebrating its 70th anniversary. On this occasion, an avenue commemorating outstanding figures of science and an open-air exhibition dedicated to the history of the Academy were opened in the Botanical Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The gathered guests also listened to a lecture on the brand of the Polish Academy of Sciences, a piano concert as well as speeches and congratulations.

Among the distinguished guests was the Marshal of the Senate, prof. Tomasz Grodzki, who said: “I came here with great joy and pride in our pearl, our jewel - the Polish Academy of Sciences, which is already 70 years old. Someone would say that this is the age when you have to retire, but I must say that I am of the opposite opinion, because the spirit of this organization is young and when you look at the achievements of institutes, the number of programs carried out, the positioning of the Polish Academy of Sciences in various classifications that cover the world of science in many ways, you can all be proud of your achievements. "

Congratulations on your anniversary, Academy! 

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