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On behalf of the Association of Polish Neuropathologists we would like to invite you to the annual
“Neuropathology 2023” Conference
which will be held under the patronage of MMRI PAS in the conference room of our Institute
on the 17-22th of November 2023.

The meeting will be of an interdisciplinary nature and will present the latest scientific / research / experimental and clinical achievements in the field of interest to a wide range of scientists, practitioners and students.

The presentations will include: ‘Neuropathology of vascular brain diseases, neuroinflammationas and neurodegeneration, Neurooncology, Haematology, ‘New WHO classification of CNS tumors.’, ‘Neuropathological – neuroradiological correlations’, ‘Neurotraumatology’ , Neuroscience, Neurotoxicology, Brain banking, Artifical Intelligence

Short oral and poster presentations are also planned. Presentations in English are possible.
The deadline for submitting abstracts and posters is November 3, 2023 via the form on the conference website: www.neuropath.pl
Regsitration link: HERE

Abstracts of the presented papers will be published in the Folia Neuropathologica journal.