Internal projects financed by the Own Research Fund

Own Research Fund – resources intended for funding research of significant scientific value and a considerable commercialisation potential.  

List of projects qualified for funding under 2nd call for project to be funded from Own Research Fund

1. Monika Szeliga MD PhD "Assessment of new thiadiazole derivatives influence on glioblastoma cells phenotype." PLN 50 000
2. Jakub Godlewski MD PhD " MicroRNA-carrying extracellular vesicles for the therapy of glioblastoma." PLN 50 000
3. Alina Kuryłowicz MD PhD “The role of long non-coding RNA, IncRNA in pathogenesis of adipose tissue disfunction in obesity’ PLN 48 826,77
4. Katarzyna Gawęda-Walerych MD PhD “Molecular basis of the frontotemporal dementia (FTLD) diseases caused by progranulin deficiency (PGRN) and new mutations detected by the whole exome sequencing method." PLN 33 700
5. Robert K. Filipkowski MD PhD " Characteristics of a new category of rat aversive vocalization in the 44 kHz band."PLN 33 452
6. Anita Chęcińska Vet. " The search for new genes regulated by Nrf2 transcription factor involved in natural defence mechanisms in ischemic brain pathology.” PLN 49 673
7. Michał Węgrzynowicz MD PhD “Application of the novel TvS-Put probe to identify proteins undergoing posttranslational modifications by putrescine in the CA2 region of the mouse hippocampus" PLN 49 900
8. Maria Grześ MD PhD "The role of p53 mutants in de novo neoplastic transformation of fibroblasts: preliminary study." PLN 50 000
9. Magdalena Cieślik MD PhD " The influence of prenatal activation of the immune system on the functions of synaptic mitochondria functions in disturbed circadian rhythms. The implications for neurodevelopmental diseases." PLN 49 977
10. Marta Kot MD PhD " The impact of intrastriatal infusion mesenchymal stem cell transplantation on hippocampal neurogenesis in a rat model of stroke." PLN 50 000

List of projects qualified for funding under 1st call for project to be funded from Own Research Fund

1. Agnieszka Bronisz MD PhD “Extracellular vesicles modified ex-vivo as an anti-cancer immune-response boosting vaccine.” PLN 50 000
2. Anna Domaszewska-Szostek MD PhD „The role of senescent cells in the human epidermis and the influence of selected flavonoids on their secretory phenotype elimination” PLN 49 969
3. Magdalena Gąssowska-Dobrowolska MD PhD „Analysis of Tau protein level and phosphorylation in the brain of young rats subjected to prenatal exposure to valproic acid. The implications for the development of autism spectrum disorders.” PLN 49 998,66
4. Marta Jonas MD PhD „Differences in pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines levels in the blood of healthy long-lived people without physical and intellectual disabilities, and people with disabilities and age-related diseases.” PLN 45 840
5. Katarzyna Kaczyńska MD PhD „An in vivo model study of respiratory disorders in Parkinson's disease: the role of the serotonergic system’ PLN 27 130
6. Piotr Kosson MD PhD „Evaluation of the analgesic effect of opioid neuropeptides- and neurokinins-based analgesics in a model of neuropathic pain in rats after central and peripheral administration” PLN 46 450
7. Piotr Lipiński MD PhD „ Fentanyl derivatives as mixed µ-opioid and d1 ligands.” PLN 50 000
8. Mariusz Popek MD PhD „The design of a method of simultaneous microdialysis of the intestine and the brain in freely moving mice” PLN 49 986,40
9. Marta Sidoryk-Węgrzynowicz MD PhD „The importance of Glial Exosomes in tau-dependent neurodegeneration in the model of TAU IN VITRO induced pathology.” PLN 49 580
10. Monika Słupecka-Ziemilska MD PhD „The effect of metformin treatment in pregnancy and lactation on the aging process programming in offspring - the role of sirtuin first.” 49 982 PLN
11. Aleksanda Wędzińska MA Eng. „The assessment of the ability to permanently maintain the endothelial phenotype of WJ-EPC.” PLN 49 500
12. Prof. Magdalena Zielińska „Design of a method for the determination of the nitrative stress marker - 3-nitrosine.” PLN 49 056,30