Projects implemented at MMRI PAS funded by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (Polish NAWA)

The assessment of neuroprotective and immunomodulating properties of exosomes derived from adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis models.

Project manager: Sylwia Dąbrowska MD PhD
Project implemented as scholarship at the University of Verona
International collaboration: Italy
Mieczysław Bekker Programme 2019, implementation period: 2020 – 2022, project funding: PLN 223 000

Comprehensive characteristics of genomic variants associated with Tourette's syndrome.
Project manager: Jakub Fichna MD PhD
Project implemented as scholarship at Purdue University
International collaboration: USA
Mieczyslaw Bekker Programme 2020, implementation period: 2021 – 2022, project funding: PLN 156 000

Exosome-mediated enhancement of immunotherapy against glioblastoma – the role of non-coding RNA.
Project manager: Jakub Godlewski MD PhD
Polskie Powroty 2019 call, implementation period: 2020 – 2024, project funding: PLN 2 270 000

Exploring pro-inflammatory interleukins as major players in the link carotid body-metabolic deregulation in obesity and obstructive sleep apnea
Project manager: Kryspin Andrzejewski 
Project implemented in partnership with Universidade Nova de Lisboa
International collaboration: Portugal
The NAWA Joint Research projects call between the Republic of Poland and the Republic of Portugal, implementation period: 2022 – 2024, project funding: PLN 24 800